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    World Cup Project will promote international business for the Brazilian industry

    11/06/2014 at 17h05

    Companies receive guests during the games to strenghten relationships

    The World Cup Project, conducted by the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) , will bring 2,300 purchasers, investors and foreign opinion formers to Brazil to conduct business agendas and follow the World Cup games.

    ABIMO - Brazilian Medical Devices Manufacturers Association, through[A1]  the Brazilian Health Devices Project, conducted in partnership with the Agency, has prepared a special schedule for its guests, who will come to Brazil to watch the World Cup games and to attend business meetings and technical visits. These guests come from countries such as: Algeria, Belgium, Bolivia, Chile, Germany, India, Mexico, Peru, Russia, South Africa, Spain, and Turkey[A2] .

    Gnatus, one of the largest manufacturers of dental devices in the world will receive the Algerian visitor for a technical visit at its headquarters, located in Ribeirao Preto. It is the second largest company of the sector in its country, with three offices, the headquarters in Medea (80 km from Algiers, the capital city) with 600 sqm and two other offices with a showroom in Algiers. In addition to fulfilling the business schedule, the guest will attend the match Brazil vs Cameroon in Brasilia.

    Another company that will receive purchasers is Bio-Art, engaged in manufacturing of articulators and that won the Apex-Brasil Award for its excellence in exporting. Bio-Art will strengthten its relationship with a Turkish entrepreneur who will watch the semifinal match in Sao Paulo. The company will also receive an Indian purchaser for the match Chile vs Netherlands, also in São Paulo and to establish strategic actions for market development in India.

    The two Spanish guests were chosen during the Medica Exhibition, held in Düsseldorf, Germany and will visit Traumec,[A3]  manufacturer of medical products. They are potential purchasers and the company believes it can generate good business with the visit, especially with the outcome of the strengthened relationship, after the invitation for them to participate in the 2014 FIFA World Cup ™ in the semifinal match in Sao Paulo.

    Baumer, a company that provides a portfolio of more than 5,000 solutions for hospital laundry, sterilization and infection control, orthopedics and dentistry, receives a Russian guest, also coming from Medica, to strengthen its business relationship with that customer and to ensure a great partnership for the coming years in the Russian market. The customer will visit the factory and will have the great opportunity to attend the most important game of the 2014 FIFA World Cup ™: The Final Match in Rio de Janeiro.

    A company that already has well-aimed business ready to happen is HP Bio, which will receive a German guest to sign the contract for distribution in Europe. The purchaser will cheer for his team to get to the finals, a game that he will also watch. The Peruvian guest will go to Fanem, Brazilian multinational leader in selling baby incubators and Health Innovation ABIMO Prize winner. Despite his team not being in the 2014 FIFA World Cup ™, the Peruvian will have opportunity to watch the winner in the final match of the championship.

    Dabi Atlantis, pioneer company in the research of new concepts in dentistry, receives a Bolivian and Peruvian guests at its factory in the city of Ribeirao Preto. The guests will visit the factory where they will be introduced to the company releases such as 3D Tomography for dentistry. The purpose of the visit of these customers is closing deals in these product lines, with Bolivia, one of the biggest purchasers. Both will also watch the match Chile vs. Netherlands.  [A4] 

    Scitech intends to show the entire investment made ??in its new manufacturing structure of pharmacological stents, the development of new products and high quality standards employed in local production to the Chilean visitors who will have the opportunity to cheer for their country in the match against Netherlands.

    In order to expand business in autoclavable cases, FAMI receives the representative of a Mexican distributor at its headquarters, located in São Paulo. He will also visit a hospital in town and will attend the match Chile vs Netherlands.

    A reference manufacturer of products for health care in the areas of first aid, surgery, treatment and hygiene, Cremer, receives a Bolivian visitor to a meeting that will detail its operations with the current line that they sell, as well as discuss a way of performance with the new lines that will be included in the sales portfolio of this distributor. The Bolivian guest completes the team that will watch the match Chile vs Netherlands in São Paulo.


    Besides the entrepreneurs looking for relationship and investment in Brazilian territory, ABIMO will bring to the country members of COFEPRIS, the regulatory agency for health products in Mexico and DIGEMID, the agency of the Ministry of Health of Peru, responsible for the registration of medical equipment in the country and sector regulations.

    "The arrival of these authorities will provide to ABIMO and to ANVISA a strengthening of the relationship, clarifying information and facilitating business between the countries," says Márcio Bósio, ABIMO institutional director. The visitors will comply with an institutional agenda in Brasilia, with a workshop in São Paulo and visits to the factories. The Mexican visitor will be in town for the match Brazil vs Cameroon.

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