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    Brazilian companies going to Africa

    05/26/2014 at 03:39 PM
    The continent offers great business potential during the Africa Health exhibition, which will occur from May 29thtoMay 31st For the second time, companies associated to ABIMO (Brazilian Medical Devices Manufacturers Association) and as parts of the Brazilian Health Devices (BHD) Project, which is executed by this same entity in partnership with Apex-Brasil (Trade and Investment Promotion Agency), will participate in... Learn more
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    Brazilian Health Devices 2014 events have started

    05/05/2014 at 09:08 AM
    After 2013 being a successful year, the Brazilian Health Devices Project starts 2014 craving the mark of $ 891 million in exports for this year: ‘The companies participating in the project should reach $ 214 million,’ predicts Paula Portugal, exports managerat ABIMOIn order to reach this goal, several events are going to be taken throughout the year, in Brazil and in the world, with participations in major international trade shows of medical and dental equipment, from January... Learn more
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    MEDICA reinforces internationalization of Brazilian medical devices industry

    12/03/2013 at 04:48 PM
    Trade showis the world’s largest international event for the medical sector       Good international business contacts are becoming increasingly important for manufacturers of medical technology and medical products. Only those that are well-positioned at the international level are able to balance weaknesses in individual markets and profit in the long run from a market that, seen globally, is growing. That is the... Learn more
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    Social Projects for Health

    06/18/2012 at 02:39 PM
    Voluntary actions to support Health and Education Both Brazil and the contemporary worldwide scenery are passing by several economical transformations generating new models of relationship between institutions and markets, organizations and the society resulting in multiple efforts to face mutual goals and create models of organization concerned to the rising of a good quality of life to their communities. With the arrival of concepts... Learn more
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    Innovation: an instrument of insertion and positioning for Brazil

    06/18/2012 at 02:38 PM
    Innovation: an instrument of insertion and positioning for Brazilian companies into the international market Competitiveness is currently deemed as a decisive factor to running businesses and entering in the challenging world market. Given such harsh context, Brazil has proved itself to be a global power in several economic segments. Brazil is the second major producer of medical technology among emerging countries, behind only of China. According... Learn more